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About Us

Who we are

Established in October, 1996 and having begun our operations in January of 1997, our company, PILIPINAS GOLF, was formed primarily to design & manufacture GOLF BAGS & GOLF ACCESSORY BAGS – CUSTOM MADE, serving our country's top corporations, golf and country clubs, organizations, and golfing events.
We are a team specializing in golf bags and accessory bags.  Comprised of very experienced personnel, most of our staff have refined their skills over 25 years of experience, making mostly for the top brands in the export market.  Combining both the traditional and modern applications of manufacturing bags, we make product that is top quality, durable, appealing, and reasonably priced.
Our main company objective is to supply, quality, durable and reasonably priced golf bags and golf accessory bags – targeting mainly the CORPORATE, TEAM & PERSONAL needs of the market.

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