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Our Products

Custom-Made Golf Bags

Choose from our wide range of designs, made from various choices of materials & colors, professionally embroidered with your own logo, with each bag individually personalized, if needed, with most details to your specification. And what’s great is that there are NO MINIMUMS.

Golf Umbrellas

High-quality and most importantly, durable. Make your next Golf Umbrella your own by choosing from a wide range of colors and add design elements to make it even more personalized. Made from high-quality pongee or silver-back nylon. Your own logo on your next fairway umbrella.


Golf Accessory Bags

Need something to compliment your other golf gear? Choose from our range of accessory bags such as Carry Bags, Boston Bags, Ball Bags, Golf Bag Travel Covers and others*. Personalized to your specification, similar to our golf bags.

*You may inquire for other golf accessory bags and other products that we make by contacting us.


One of the most essential parts of a golfer's apparel is the Cap.

Our company now offers lightweight, durable and most importantly personalized caps along with our lineup of other golf bags and accessories.

Give us a call or send us an email for more info.


Show off your brand in beautiful detail

We also offer professionally laser weave embroidered patches in bulk orders.

To see some of our work with patches, click here.

For inquiries and pricing concerns, feel free to contact us about it.

Other Services

Through our experience and process of manufacture, Pilipinas Golf is able to offer products at “no minimum order” basis.  Also, as you may note, we offer special services such as:

a) artwork development and preparation

b) colored design product simulation

c) computerized embroideries

d) personalized marks

For other services you may inquire by contacting us

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