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Frequently Asked Questions

You Asked, We Answered

How is your pricing?

PRICES – How much normally would 1 personalized unit be priced at?

      Approx. USD 180 to USD 200                                             Php. 9,000 to Php. 10,000

          Due to the variances in the designs, materials & specifications, the prices of our GOLF BAGS, carry bags and other products do vary.  Final prices can only be quoted once all details and quantities have been established. Please contact us at with a brief description of your requirement and intended quantity. We have no minimum order quantity.

Are there discounts given for higher quantity orders?

Yes, we scale and discount our prices according to the final order quantities? Prices are on “PER PO ” basis.

What is embroidery programming & what are its relative charges?

Embroidery Programming is the preparation of the artwork cliché for embroidery.  Since all artworks have to be prepared and edited for embroidery, programming is the term used to prepare the artwork for the run of the machine.  Once an artwork has been programmed, it is ready for use & re-use, producing the same embroidered artwork every time.

            Therefore, programming is charged 1 time only, unless the artwork is revised or edited for re-sizing, in which only minimal editing charges are applied.

How much is an embroidery program?

An artwork would always have 2 factors – its size & its intricacy; and embroidery is measured by stitch count and jumps (from one color to the next).  An artwork may be small but may be very intricate or it may be simple but very big.  While a simple artwork that may be sized 4” height by 10” width, may also be price the same due to its simplicity. Just for a sample, a 5 inch square artwork may cost approximately USD 100 - 120 (Php. 5,000 - 6,000)

          For exact quotes on embroidery programs, kindly email us jpeg of your artwork images.

Will I be charged if I would only want to initially have my bag designed or (computer) simulated?

No, a request for design or computer simulations, or a request for a quote, does not commit you to order.

Do I have to visit the factory to put in an order?

Not necessarily.  If you give us an idea of what you are looking for, in design, colour & material, and also give us an image of the artworks and specify where you would want to have these positioned, we could send by e-mail computer simulations of the design – for your reference and approval – before production.

Does Pilipinas Golf export or ship-out products?

Yes, Pilipinas Golf Bag does have clients abroad, also mostly corporate.  For shipping out of these products, the buyers normally assign forwarders to whom the goods are delivered to.  All freight, handling, insurance & other charges are thus charged to the buyer. Although commercial couriers may also be used, for smaller quantity orders.

Do the prices given already include box charges?

No, prices do not include boxes since not all buyers require boxing.  A BOX for 1 unit golf bag would be P 300 and for 1 unit carry bag, would be charged P 200.  These would approximate to USD 4.70 and 2.40 respectively. These are double-wall corrogated boxes

Does Pilipinas Golf deliver?

Yes, we do.  However, there are delivery charges of approximately Php. 500.00 depending on your location in Metro Manila.  For all other locations, please refer to # 7 topic on shipping.

How do I pay for my order?

For Individual Orders, payments are made in advance by bank transfers or PAYPAL.  Once receipt of payment is confirmed, production of the order will commence and the buyer shall be informed either by phone or e-mail once order is completed.

            For Corporate or Teams – terms are 50% down-payment on confirmation of order / 50% balance on delivery completion.

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